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Ash Muscroft | Practising Drum Kit Tutor and rudiment enthusiast. 
Here you will find general drum ramblings, video lessons, portfolio work and sharing of ideas.

If you wish to collaborate, share ideas, just have a chat or have questions about this website, the website content, lessons or anything else - don't hesitate to contact me on any of the following: 
Email: ashmuscroft@hotmail.co.uk
Below is a list of all the musical equipment that I use:

Personal Performance Equipment:

Drum kit:
Gretsch Catalina Club Rock:
14" X 5.5" Snare Drum
13" X 9" Rack Tom
16" X 16" Floor Tom
18" X 16" Floor Tom
24" X 18" Kick Drum

Drum Heads:
Evans EMAD 2 Kick Head
Evans EC2 Tom Heads
Evans Genera HD Snare Head

14" Sabian Vault Hi Hats
16" Sabian HHX Evolution Crash
20" Sabian HHX Evolution Ride
20" Sabian HH Dark Chinese

Kick Pedal:
Pearl Demon Drive Double Kick

Pearl H-890 Hi-Hat Stand
DW 5000 Series Cymbal Boom Stand (x2)
Roland PDS-10

Protection Racket R Cases (for all shells)
Protection Racket Stick Bag
Protection Racket Deluxe 24" Cymbal Bag with Ruck Sack Straps

Drum Rug:
Protection Racket 9020 Drum Mat (2m X 1.66m)

Drum Throne:
Roc n Soc Manual Spindle Drum Throne with Ergonomic Seat.

Roland SPDS

Drum Sticks:
Promark 55A

Photographs by Ross Miller Photography.


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  1. Just wanted to let you know you did a beautiful job on your Lego Snare Drum. Found you by accident but very happy I did. Sounds great. Wishing you continued success with your work, Brian


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