Thursday 30 November 2017

Harry Styles - Kiwi (Drum Playthrough)

Harry Styles isn't an artist that I would usually rave about. You might be thinking, "Well hang on just a second Ash, you have covered one of his songs before!" and to be honest you'd be completely correct...
Proof = (
The thing is, Harry Styles is (in my opinion) now a credible commercial rock artist. His solo effort, simply titled - Harry Styles, is nothing short of impressive. The grooves are simple and do EXACTLY what the song requires. There is no EGO involved in the making of this album, just a pure love of music and a metric tonne of iconic musical influences from Fleetwood Mac to The Clash.
This song is one of the more rocky attempts.
Kiwi - is a favorite of mine and I hope you love it too.

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