Thursday 7 April 2016

Testimonials - Teejay and His Dad, Tom

Recently, I have been speaking to my students about my website and it was suggested to me that I should add a testimonials page, so I did. It didn't actually occur to me that I'd have to ask people if they were interested in writing something. Fortunately for me, I teach some of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I asked Teejay and his dad Tom if they wouldn't mind writing up their thoughts on my lessons and teaching ability and they have absolutely blown me away with their kind words. Thank you Teejay and Tom.


"Ash is a really good teacher as he lets me play songs that I like and songs that we both like. He has been teaching me for 3 years and this is my fourth year now. We have bonded together really well and he isn't just my drum teacher, he's also a good friend. He is very good at teaching me and I'm sure he's also very good at teaching other students. He's helping me move forward into being a better musician and he's helping me move forward really well."
"My son Teejay has been taking lessons from Ash for over three years now. Ash still has the same enthusiasm today as he had shown from day one. He has a great, eclectic musical back ground in both teaching and performance, and is very capable in translating that knowledge and experience during lessons. What I like as well is that Ash is always welcoming and happy to have parents sit and watch lessons. He offers great feedback to help keep students motivated and parents assured. I also think he is a wonderful guy and am proud to have him as teacher and a friend to both myself and my son."
Tom happens to be an insane musician and you can find some of his music here

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