Sunday, 5 June 2016

Keith Carlock/ Ash Soan Drum Clinic - 23/05/16

Much to my frustration, this is the second time I have had to write this blog post. I posted the original within days of attending the Keith Carlock/ Ash Soan clinic event but unfortunately the post was accidentally deleted.

The clinic was held in Castleford and was a lovely gift from a student of mine. Teejay and his Dad Tom bought me the ticket as a thankyou for my work in Teejay's lessons and I couldn't appreciate it more. Tom managed to grab us some absolutely incredible seats and I managed to get some great pictures of the two drum kits as we arrived.

Ash Soan - 4 piece Gretsch
Keith Carlock - 8 piece Gretsch

Ash Soan (Adele, Leona Lewis, Seal, James Morrison) opened the show with a fantastic display of his instagram playalong tracks. He had such a great sense of feel and groove - he was really quite hypnotic to watch. Throughout his performance, I continued to notice a strange shape jumping up from one of his Crash cymbals - I later found out he was using a Zildjian Spiral Stacker placed on top of his Crash. I thoroughly enjoyed the modesty of his playing and the way he played exactly what the song needed and nothing more (there was very little ego involved - which I respect much more than complex playing).
The final portion of the evening saw Keith Carlock (TOTO, John Mayer, Diana Ross, Sting, Steely Dan) come to the spot light and share a detailed insight into his own practice, playing and approach. Keith can play some immeasurably complex ideas that only a small part of me can begin to fathom but nevertheless he inspired me to work on myself and practice those odd groupings that rarely come up - just so that if they do, I'm capable. It was an wonderful evening all round.

I was able to collect some new teaching and practice ideas from the night and the level of playing was phenomenal. I cannot thank Teejay and, his dad, Tom enough. I was lucky enough to even get a chance on stage. I took some lovely photos of each set up. I stayed at the end of the gig to speak to the clinicians, they were really nice and even signed my snare head for me.
 Ash Soan - 4 piece Gretsch
Keith Carlock - 8 piece Gretsch

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