Monday 6 June 2016

Testimonial - Fred and his parents, Blythe and Rodger

I have taught Fred for the last 4 years and he's an absolute joy to work with. His sense of humour is second to none and his energy is infectious. He's come along way with his playing and I'm really proud of his achievements. Fred and his parents (Blythe and Rodger) had some kind words about my teaching and I asked if they didn't mind me posting them on my website - being the lovely people that they are, they didn't mind at all. They are a wonderful family and I'm lucky to know them.

Rodger and Blythe - "We have been taking our 12 year old son to Ash for drum lessons for 4 years now and have been extremely happy with the hard work put in by Ash and the results he has achieved with Freddie. Ash is one, who will go the extra mile to create and see such a positive desire for music. Ash truly enjoys the children learning skills and performing with energy and excitement and has pride in their achievements. Freddie has performed in front of the school, winning the music competition, and his preparation for this daunting task was inch perfect. We feel that the drum tuition is not only helping the drum side of things but has also gone towards making Freddie very confident on stage and in front of public audiences. We can't thank Ash enough for the hard work put in. - Rodger and Blythe"

Freddie - "I like going to drum lessons with Ash and haven't missed a lesson in 4 years. The way he teaches my lesson is always fun and always makes sure i feel happy and interested in the piece of music we are learning. He always takes his time to make sure I am happy with what I have learned and will help where I go wrong with a smile. Awesome!"

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