Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Drum Jam!

So in the midst of all the Pokemon mayhem, that seems to have taken over everyone's lives, I arranged a meet up with two of my favourite fellow educators (Mr Ryan Bright and Mr Matt Sowerby).
It seemed at first that it wasn't going to happen. We'd arranged for the Saturday but Matt had some live sound engineering work to do so that left just myself and Ryan but we decided to hold off until Matt was available.
A few days later, on the Tuesday, we successfully arranged a meet up that we could all actually attend. We met up at Ryan's practice studio and each set up our pride and joy.

Top Picture: Me (Ash Muscroft)
Gretsch Catalina Club Rock:
Kick - 24"x18"
Snare - 14"x5.5"
Hi Tom - 13"x9"
Floor Tom - 16"x16"
Sabian HHX Cymbals
For full details of my kit and to contact me on various social media, click here.

Bottom Left Picture: Ryan Bright
Tama Starclassic BB Performer:
Kick - 22"x18"
Snare - 14"x6" (Ludwig Black Beauty)
Hi Tom - 12"x9"
Floor Tom - 16"14"
Meinl Byzantine Cymbals
You can find more about Ryan at:

Bottom Right Picture: Matt Sowerby
Highwood Custom:
Kick - 24"x20"
Snare - 14"x6" (Ludwig Black Beauty)
Hi Tom - 12"x10"
Floor Tom - 16"x14"
Ziljian K Custom Cymbals
You can find more about Matt at:

We played through so many backing tracks and swapped ideas, grooves, fills and sticking patterns. We challenged each other and had a great time. We're hoping to make it a much more frequent event.


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