Friday 29 November 2019

Defray - Self Titled EP

In 2016, I was sat on a sun lounger in Agios Gordios (Corfu), listening to Freeze the Atlantic's 2014 Self-titled album, and KillChaos's 2013 Debut "Promises Promises".

I felt so unmusical leading up to this trip but I returned with a new sense of inspiration and a drive to start a band. Up to this point it had been many years since I started a new project. I mostly joined already established bands and I fond it hard to ever really feel like an equal part in any of them. Musically it was always a compromise and I now knew I needed to start a new project that featured like minded musicians.

I returned and started a project with ex-members of my first every band with the addition of my dear friend Ross Miller (Photographer for my promotional images on this site). The band was called SLEEPERS and had potential. Unfortunately it was impossible for our schedules to line up.

Around a year later I received a message from FTA frontman Liv Puente, asking me if I wanted to start a new band with him and KC frontman Darren Clewes.

I said yes.

After we enlisted the bassist of Servers and Defray was complete.

We released our first Self-Titled - EP and with it a couple of music videos found below.


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