Friday 27 December 2019


Defray were incredibly lucky to be invited on tour supporting the cult-massive Elvana.

I had seen so much of them on social media and always felt intrigued and confused. This odd feeling turned out to be exactly what drew their audience - 50% intrigued and confused first timers and 50% Elvana maniacs - back for more (The former always becoming the latter at future dates).

The band themselves Paul (Elvis) Dan, Bob and BassGuy and their on stage collaborators Charlotte and Stephanie (Talk Like Tigers) were just the most lovely, kind and welcoming people. They looked after us, gave us a fully stocked fridge of beers and water and even watched our set. I loved working with them.

We played 2 venues on this first stint of shows. Birmingham 02 Institute and Nottingham Rock City.

Rock City was a personal dream come true - the venue was completely sold out and already full to the rafters during our set. Dream come true!!!


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